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Gienna on Da Marco Catering
“One of the best Caterer in Shanghai, yammy food and professional organization, if you wanna have delicius autentic Italian ...”

Charles on Mr Willis
“Went twice for brunch this past October. Excellent.”

Charles on Manhattan Steakhouse
“You've been away from Manhattan for too long and you are on an expense account. The quality of meat is workable, the ...”

keith on 1919 Italian Coffee Company
“well, the food is ok. nothing special. but my biggest complaint I saw a rat and when I pointed it out the owner a small ...”

James on Jo Jo
“For a well seasoned traveller all I can say is that you can't go wrong at this eaterie. I spent three nights and days ...”
French Food
Price Y200-Y299 per couple
French Concession District
Open 11am-12am
No_photo A creperie window sits on the first level tempting passers-by. The chalkboard menu mix of homestyle veal, quiche and croque monsieurs is best enjoyed in the upstairs glass terrace. With twilight in the background, sip coffee and soothe your soul with tiramisu or chocolate mousse.
66-68 Urumqi Middle Lu, French Concession
near Changle Lu
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, over 14 years ago

“Have to agree that the chef's daily specials are usually excellent, and they do a great croque. Also love their steak frites, though Des Lys seems to have a slightly better quality steak. Love the banquettes, the atmosphere is "tres congenial" but would be more so if it weren't usually a bit too empty.”

, over 14 years ago

“Not bad... Not bad... Their Croque Madame rocks for breakfast, lunch and dinner ( Ive done this ) - Its made properly unlike Pauls which cheats and just makes a ham sandwhich with cheese on the outside... Salads are always fresh - but just so so... The Chefs Daily specials are normally excellent. Had a pretty good Wild mushroom Quiche and a most excellent warm chocolate cake - which was actually pretty damn good! Coffee aint bad too. They have large brunches on Saturday/Sunday for Y138, but havent tried this yet! Menu looks good! Atmosphere is good. Alot of single french men (older) who come in and sit at the same table day after day (I did the same).

update: I just realized (while sitting in a taxi) that there is one on Hongmei Lu, north of Yan An lu... BRILLIANT!!!!

update 2: The Montmartre on Hongmei Lu is less than good. Noticed its all Chinese chefs. They overcooked and burnt everything. How disappointing... will try again, but didnt enjoy the Croque Madame - was an effort to eat it... :-( :-( :-( The weekend brunch seemed ok. Too much salad. Salad was not as fresh as the French Concession location. French toast was too small. Crepe was good. Croissant was pretty good. French loaf was too doughy and heavy.”