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Gienna on Da Marco Catering
“One of the best Caterer in Shanghai, yammy food and professional organization, if you wanna have delicius autentic Italian ...”

Charles on Mr Willis
“Went twice for brunch this past October. Excellent.”

Charles on Manhattan Steakhouse
“You've been away from Manhattan for too long and you are on an expense account. The quality of meat is workable, the ...”

keith on 1919 Italian Coffee Company
“well, the food is ok. nothing special. but my biggest complaint I saw a rat and when I pointed it out the owner a small ...”

James on Jo Jo
“For a well seasoned traveller all I can say is that you can't go wrong at this eaterie. I spent three nights and days ...”

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Casa 13
Mediterranean, French Concession
This hidden gem, tucked away in a renovated 1920s lane house, offers rustic, family-style Mediterranean food. Their famous charcuterie bo...

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Cafe Montmartre
“Have to agree that the chef's daily specials are usually excellent, and they do a great croque. Also love their steak frites, though Des Lys seems to have a slightly better quality steak. Love the banquettes, the atmosphere is "tres congenial" but would be more so if it weren't usually a bit too empty.”

El Mexicano
“Just ordered from their delivery service for the first time. Gorditas, a few tacos, a burrito, an enchilada. Fillings were green chicken (spicy!), carne asada, chicken and pork. Very authentic--made us feel like we were back in Mexico. All under Y100. And all "sabrosos". I am in heaven!”

Xing Fu 131
“Went for the catfish...though don't think I could have endured the 5 star spicy, at least not with the wife in tow. Three stars was plenty spicy and plenty delicious, though it's probably not my favourite kind of fish. The other sides were quite good--I think we had the "fried greengrocers", they didn't taste like any grocers I'd ever had. Need to get back to try those cold noodles.”

Adobo Latin Flavor
“Wow. We had the best Mexican food here we have had since our recent trip to Chuy's in Austin. We are also frequently in Mexico and the comparison is favourable. Great nachos and (soft) pork tacos, great beef burro, and absolutely killer margaritas. About 400RMB for four (strong) drinks and a brilliant Mexican dinner for two seemed fairly reasonable. Will be back for happy hour (after 10pm every night).”

“The Cincinnati chili was spicy and more-ish, though we thought it odd that by default it only includes minced beef--no kidney beans unless you order it "five ways". The chili fries were absolutely fantastic--thick, wet and irresistable--though the chili covering them wasn't nearly as tasty as the Cincinatti chili, more like plain ground beef. Best chocolate milkshake we've had (so far) in Shanghai, reasonably thick and creamy though still not quite as strong a taste of chocolate as I would like. And the hot dog with sauerkraut, ketchup and mustard was a good match for a real New York dog. The chicken tacos were fine but paled in comparison to the rest. Thanks Munchies!”

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