About Us

Restaurants come and go in Shanghai.

New ones are opening quicker than you can say chopstick and there is a lot more choice in the year of the Expo than there was even just five years ago. But with all that choice, where to eat?

To answer that question as fast as possible is what EatInShanghai.com is all about. Everything is packed in to the search engine - type in "italian bund" and you have your results for Italian restaurants on The Bund. Feel like having a burger in Lujiazui? Type in "burger lujiazui" and you got it.

But are the restaurants any good?

We believe in recommendations by friends, or at least people with similar taste to ours. That is why we ask you to sign-up, tell us what kind of food you like, and give you a way to keep track of your favourite restaurants. When you review a place, people can see what else you like and then but your review in perspective, like they would the recommendation of a good friend. If you change your mind later, you can always go back and edit your own reviews.


But why stop there? The more restaurants you review, the better we can automatically recommend new places to try. You will notice it on your profile, under the heading "We have recommendations for you.", and also on some restaurant listings, under "Similar Restaurants".

Following People

To make it even easier for you to discover new places, you can follow other users. Think if it as a shortcut to their profile, so you can see what places they like

We're in beta

The site is just up, so there may be a little bug here or there. Let us know if something is wrong, you're missing a feature, and most of all - help the other users by writing new reviews and suggesting corrections to restaurants.

Do you own a place that should be on here?

If you think a listing it wrong or incomplete, please use the "suggest corrections" link on the listing. If you miss a place, drop us a note. If you own a place and have better information, please do the same.

Now go out and enjoy your meal!