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Gienna on Da Marco Catering
“One of the best Caterer in Shanghai, yammy food and professional organization, if you wanna have delicius autentic Italian ...”

Charles on Mr Willis
“Went twice for brunch this past October. Excellent.”

Charles on Manhattan Steakhouse
“You've been away from Manhattan for too long and you are on an expense account. The quality of meat is workable, the ...”

keith on 1919 Italian Coffee Company
“well, the food is ok. nothing special. but my biggest complaint I saw a rat and when I pointed it out the owner a small ...”

James on Jo Jo
“For a well seasoned traveller all I can say is that you can't go wrong at this eaterie. I spent three nights and days ...”
Yunnan Food
Price Y200-Y299 per couple
Xuhui District
Open 11:30am-2pm, 5:30-10:30pm; bar from 5:00pm-1:00am
Afceeaa0-e815-012c-327b-0017f228fa6b The owners of Coconut Paradise have worked their magic again. Though there are a few bland dishes on the menu, most of the Yunnanese specialties here are simultaneously exotic and delicious. The dark, rich décor and romantic spotlighting provide the perfect atmosphere for hip, young culinary anthropologists.
38 Gaoyou Lu , Xuhui
near Fuxing Xi Lu, Metro Line 1 Changshu Lu Exit 1
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, over 13 years ago

“update: OK! So I Went back with my wife. Ordered some pretty weird dishes - all tasted good! So it wasnt just the alcohol speaking! The food here is a nice change from all the normal Chinese food one eats.

Went with some folks from work. Not a bad place. Great interior. Service was acceptable. Food seemed pretty good. I need to go back again and try a few more dishes before I pass any major judgement. Great place to take a date. The dishes I tried were nicely prepared and presented.”

, over 13 years ago

“The bar looks superb and makes a lasting impression. With large comfy seats (in similar size to a queen sized bed) make it very easy to unwind with a beverage and relax before or after you meal. The décor and dim lighting makes you feel like you’re in a different world, it really sets a great atmosphere for an engagement with that someone special. ”

, over 14 years ago

“We were a bit skeptical and had no prior experience of Yunnan/Burmese cuisine, but our dinner was thoroughly enjoyable. The Hua Yao Dia stir fried beef was particularly tasty and generously doused in coriander/cilantro. We also enjoyed the aubergine (eggplant) in tomato sauce and the scallion chicken, all pleasantly spicy. The tofu-spring rolls were a bit mushy for our taste but still went down nicely with the sauce. In general the flavours were refreshingly different from Thai and Vietnamese, though we couldn't speak for their authenticity. The atmosphere and decor is in fact remarkably similar to Coconut Paradise, dark and a bit on the noisy side, with similar prices, but for us it was a pleasure to try out a new cuisine.”