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Gienna on Da Marco Catering
“One of the best Caterer in Shanghai, yammy food and professional organization, if you wanna have delicius autentic Italian ...”

Charles on Mr Willis
“Went twice for brunch this past October. Excellent.”

Charles on Manhattan Steakhouse
“You've been away from Manhattan for too long and you are on an expense account. The quality of meat is workable, the ...”

keith on 1919 Italian Coffee Company
“well, the food is ok. nothing special. but my biggest complaint I saw a rat and when I pointed it out the owner a small ...”

James on Jo Jo
“For a well seasoned traveller all I can say is that you can't go wrong at this eaterie. I spent three nights and days ...”
Delivery Food
Price Less than Y99 per couple
Ad0e88d0-e814-012c-327b-0017f228fa6b Flaky, delicious and downright addictive, these Australian-style meat pies are made right here in Shanghai and can be delivered straight to your door. Flavors include beef, creamy chicken and ratatouille. We love the classic Grandfather's Pork Roller, and the Apple Sweetie Pie for those with a sweet tooth. Make your orders on their website.
Pick up our pies at the City Shop and Elders Home Delivery (
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